Thursday, 5 February 2015


Happy new year to you all!!  Well, I have been feeling a little weird earlier on in January.  I felt like I had no priorities and objectives on the new year.  I kept focusing on what I do not have.  And that caused me to not enjoy what I have.  One can only attract more if one is grateful for what they have already.  It's normal to feel that way at times I guess.  I had to silently reflect and re-access many areas of my life.  No matter what the circumstances might be, I chose GRATITUDE and HOPE.

So many people are negative.  It's insane!  I am really tired of every other farmer tell me how bad this year is going to be.  There is no rain! There is no rain!  'How do people expect rain, when all they say is that it is not going to rain'.  Well on my farm, it will rain.  Let there be no rain on yours (don't mean to sound harsh). I remain optimistic.

I have so many objectives planned out for this year.  Need to work extra hard!  Mostly importantly I have to change my management style as a farmer.  I was fortunate enough to be home last festive season and spend time viewing my large stock.  I was not too impressed with the condition of some of my cattle.  They seem to be under weight.  Most of them are lactating, so its not too bad that they under weight.  I want them on supplements, so they get as much nutrients as they need and provide more milk for their calves.  That way I can wean much earlier this year.  I plan on weighing at 7 months.  I no longer want calves that suck close to a year.  Their mothers need time for their bodies to recover before they can give birth again.  Currently, I am in touch with various farmers and agricultural supply shops to inquire which fodder is good for this season for livestock with specific demands.

I am also looking at internal parasite control in my herd.  It could be a reason as to why my cattle are underweight. 

My santa heifers are growing quickly.  Some have been placed on the bull already.  Those should calve towards end of this year. 

Its feeding time...

Keep them eyes on the gate....

The tollie will be for sale pretty soon.  Just have to gather enough courage to send him off.

Santa Gertrudis heifers.  We dying for some phosphate lick and salt.

Preggy Penny looking good.

Bad boy ready for weaning.

Being at the farm brings me too much joy.